Thursday, 15 September 2011

Production Report Update 2 - Week 8

With all but the last shot blocked out and in After Effects I can finally move onto, well, everything else. Yes I am pretty far behind but at least I know that and I’m not kidding myself. I am glad that I can now cross something off my list of things to do.
(I haven’t blocked out the last scene because I’m unsure of whether or not to end it how it is in my storyboards, which would be easier, or to end it how I’d like to; which is to have Death put a condom on his head and then lean into kiss her thus not killing her.)

I think that the more difficult thing is now (almost) finished, now it’s just the more time consuming parts to finish. Personally I think they require me to think a little less about what it is exactly I have to do, I can work off my drawings and model everything which to me is easier than what I’ve had to do with the cameras.

My 1 minute time limit is now far exceeded with my running comp now at 1 minute 40, and a little bit more to go, so I’m guessing the animation will come in around 1 minute 50 (less the credits).

Though Jack as expressed his dislike at how I have blocked out the animation so far, and don’t get me wrong I do understand where he’s coming from because I am in a way wasting valuable time, I can better see how things will look so when I do get around to animating, I don’t have to think as much about how things will move and look I can just put it all together how I have already made things.

Jack has been very helpful in moving me along as best he can. The skeleton that I was given in class today is one less thing I need to worry about now.

Honestly I do whish I was further a long with the production, I hope over the holidays I can get a lot done (and I hope that it’s alright if things get done over the holidays and that it doesn’t look sus, like someone else has done the work for me. If I keep blogging my progress is that ok?)

One final note:

Over the holidays my blog should be filled with plenty of updates (I hope).

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