Monday, 7 March 2011

Read it... but dont comment on it...

Death, feeling lonely, surfaces from the underworld to go on a date. Whilst he tries to purchase his date gifts he ends up killing everyone he comes into contact with. The date goes well but Death ultimately kills his date, undeterred he leaves the restaurant with the corpse.


Death, feeling lonely, surfaces from the underworld in search of a date. He is drawn to a woman who he sees sitting in a restaurant. He attempts to impress the woman by purchasing her gifts. While buying a card, he accidentally kills the store clerk. As he attempts to buy flowers from a vendor, they wither and die. A Girl Scout passes buy, he purchases some chocolates but as he hands over the money he touches one of the girls’ hands and she dies. Death walks into the restaurant, pulls back is hood, shines his scalp, licks his fingers and straightens his eyebrows (though they are non existent). Standing next to the woman he slowly places the chocolates onto the table, nudging them closer to her. She looks up, smiles and gestures for him to sit down. The two eat. As he goes to pay he touches the waiter, he dies, and she giggles. He begins to touch other people, killing them, she continues to giggle, there is a pause for a moment and their eyes lock, they lean into kiss, they touch and she dies. Death lowers his head in defeat.


  1. Make death get a massive blood nose, when he sees the girl.ANIME style.

  2. WHY CANT I COMMENT!!!!Put up pretty pictures